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My Week at Guantánamo's War Court
Available for preview and purchase on
April 2014

A first-hand account of proceedings in the capital prosecution by military commission of Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, the Saudi allegedly appointed by bin Laden to direct Al Qaeda's "boats operation," which attacked three vessels, including the lethal strike on the USS Cole in Aden Harbor in 2000.


"What Politics and the Media Still Get Wrong About Abu Zubaydah"
Published by the Lawfare Institute in Cooperation with Brookings
August 1, 2018
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Field Notes from a Battleground

Columns in The Lakeville Journal, The Millerton News & The Winsted Journal. Battlegrounds can be found in many places. Where armed conflict, detention and torture take place, of course. But battles also take place at the U.S. Supreme Court and in our political campaigns. Wherever they may be found, I like to comment on them.

"Eric Holder was right about how to try the 9/11 defendants"
The Lakeville Journal; May 15 and May 22, 2019
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"The devastating demise of crucial provisions in the
   Voting Rights Act of 1965"
The Lakeville Journal; December 19, 2018
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"Evil begets evil: the continuing price of torture"
The Lakeville Journal; May 16, 2018
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"There's more than one way to skin a cat"
The Lakeville Journal; January 1 and 18, 2018
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"Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water"
The Lakeville Journal; September 27 and October 4, 2017
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"Though he never met Donald Trump, Alexander Hamilton
   knew the man"
The Lakeville Journal; August 16, 2017
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"Democracy, republic: the question’s the same"
The Lakeville Journal; June 28, 2017
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"Trump and his minions are wrong about Guantánamo"
The Lakeville Journal; April 5, 2017
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"The invaluable, yet scarce, Senate Torture Report"
The Lakeville Journal; January 4, 2017
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"No one will want to read this column. Part II"
The Lakeville Journal; December 15, 2016
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"In every ointment there's a fly, or so it seems"
The Lakeville Journal; July 7, 2016
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"Our poor, broken nation, and the ways it’s been broken before"
The Lakeville Journal; May 12, 2016
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"9/11reconsidered: this time honestly"
The Lakeville Journal; February 11, 2016
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"Here we go again. When will we learn?"
The Lakeville Journal; January 14, 2016
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"A world of mass empowerment is coming: will our nation be able to protect us?"
The Lakeville Journal; June 11, 2015
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"Valentines Day with Khalid Sheikh Mohammad"
The Lakeville Journal; March 6, 2015
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"America in decline?"
The Lakeville Journal; January 22, 2015
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"Will military discipline defeat medical ethics?"
The Lakeville Journal; December 23, 2014
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"Guantánamo, national security and crying wolf"
The Lakeville Journal; November 7, 2014
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"Much ado, no matter what"
The Lakeville Journal; July 17, 2014
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"Gunfight at the CIA corral"
The Lakeville Journal; June 20, 2014
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"The NSA: Congress finds still another way to fail us"
The Lakeville Journal; December 19, 2013
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"The Espionage Act revisited"
The Lakeville Journal; November 14, 2013
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"Detainee treatment: How does it feel?"
The Lakeville Journal; June 20, 2013
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"The quiet war few have heard of — until now"
The Lakeville Journal; June 6, 2013
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"Banana rats at Guantánamo Bay"
The Lakeville Journal; May 30, 2013
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"What makes a true conservative?"
The Lakeville Journal; May 9, 2013
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"The confused and dangerous Zero Dark Thirty"
The Lakeville Journal; March 14, 2013
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"Down's, but not out"
The Lakeville Journal; January 31, 2013
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"No one will want to read this column"
The Lakeville Journal; January 2, 2013
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"Will Civil War reconstruction never be finished?"
The Lakeville Journal; October 25, 2012
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"Politicians: Eels in the Proverbial Mud"
The Lakeville Journal; September 28, 2012
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"Who, really, is Guantánamo Bay's abu Zubaydah?"
The Lakevile Journal; September 14, 2012
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"A republic, madam, if you can keep it"
The Lakeville Journal; July 26, 2012
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"Torture: When will we ever learn?"
The Lakeville Journal; June 14, 2012
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"Of heroes, secrets, black sites—and us"
The Lakeville Journal; April 26, 2012
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"Drone Warfare—edging bit by bit into the sunlight"
The Lakeville Journal; April 12, 2012
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"The real path to triumph over terrorists"
The Lakeville Journal; March 15, 2012
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Five Part Series: "The NDAA for 2012: what it means"
The Lakeville Journal; January 26, 2012
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Other Publications

Dispatches from Guantánamo Bay:

Capital Prosecution in 9/11 Case I:

“Dispatch from 9/11: Reflections on my week at the
war court”
The Lakeville Journal; January 7, 2016
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“Dispatch from 9/11 military commission proceedings,
Day 2, Oct. 20, 2015: Progress at Last”
The Lakeville Journal; November 19, 2015
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“Dispatch from 9/11 military commission proceedings,
Day 1, Oct. 19, 2015: Yet Another Surprise”
The Lakeville Journal; October 29, 2015
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Capital Prosecution of Abd al Rahim al Nashiri for U.S.S. Cole and Other Attacks:

"Monitoring of Attorney Client Communications at Issue in Nashiri-Hearing"
The Public Record; June 21, 2013
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"At Guantánamo War Court, a Question About Classified Information"
The Public Record; June 13, 2013
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"Dispatch From Guantánamo: Can Spiral Notebooks Be Used as a Weapon?"
The Public Record; June 13, 2013
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Capital Prosecution in 9/11 Case II:

“Dispatch from Guantánamo: Reflections on the potential destruction of the military commissions and the fate of the 9/11 case”
The Lakeville Journal; December 2, 2016
Originally published in three parts
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“Dispatch from Guantánamo, The fireworks edition:
Another time-devouring kerfuffle”
The Lakeville Journal; September 8, 2016
Originally published in two parts
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“Dispatch from Guantánamo, Day 5:
We spent almost the entire day”
The Lakeville Journal; August 10, 2016
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“Dispatch from Guantánamo, Days 1-4:
Another fine mess”
The Lakeville Journal; July 28, 2016
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Co-Author: “Uncovering the Cover-Ups: Death in Camp Delta,”
Center For Policy and Research: Seton Hall University School of Law, May 17, 2014
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Article: “Al Nashiri Before a Military Commission at Gitmo,”, A National Security Blog by the Center for Policy & Research at Seton Hall Law School, March, 2014
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Article: “Sparks Fly Between the Supreme Court and the D.C. Circuit as Indefinite Guantánamo Detentions Continue,” Connecticut Lawyer, August/September 2011 edition, pg. 18
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Guest Commentary: "Drone Warfare—What Do We Make of It?"
The Lakeville Journal; November 3, 2010
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Guest Commentary: “What price will we pay for our security?”
The Lakeville Journal; February 4, 2010
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Article: “Time for action: regional carbon rules now in play,” Sierra Atlantic, Volume 32, Fall 2005, p. 3
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Article: “Global Warming: Will Pataki Keep His Carbon Cap Promise?” Sierra Atlantic, Volume 30, Winter 2003
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Article: “The Case for Individual Liability Under the LAD (Law Against Discrimination),” New Jersey Law Journal, April 6, 1998, 152 N.J.L.J. 32
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Lead article: “Application of Title VII to Law Firm Partnership Decisions,” New Jersey Law Journal, January 17, 1985, 115 N.J.L.J. 49
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Seminar Series and Other Activities

Panelist invited to lead discussions on "Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission," on October 27, 2012, and on "Imploding the United States: The Supreme Court Legislating from the Bench," on October 27, 2013, at the Scoville Memorial Library, Salisbury, CT.

Conceived, produced and hosted November 2005 event at Columbia Law School on “What Global Warming Means for New York City,” featuring Professor Cynthia Rosenzweig, NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and a guest panel of other experts.

Reporter on developments in New Jersey law to Employment-at-Will Subcommittee of ABA Committee on Employment and Labor Relations Law, 1987 to 1991

Created and conducted seminar series for New Jersey attorneys entitled “Employer Strategies For Today’s Employment Climate,” sponsored by New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 1984

Article: “Insurance Company’s Duty to Settle: A Problem of Faith,” Seton Hall Law Review (1970)

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